Miscellaneous Photographs

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Agassiz on a muddy day

Motocross in the mud Agassiz May 2nd, 2010 — While looking though my thousands of motocross pictures for a possible book project I came across this gem of a young rider at Agassiz who has had enough mud, rain, crashes, and stalled bikes and is waiting patiently at the side of the track for it all to end. It’s one of those pictures that might not make a lot of sense unless you were at the track that day but it was one of those days. More pictures like this will be posted over the next few weeks as they are discovered.

Arbutus Corridor tracks removed

Railway ties from Arbutus Corridor July 12th, 2016 — The years of bitter fighting over the unused rail line called the Arbutus Corridor on Vancouver’s west side has ended with the city of Vancouver paying CP Rail $55 million dollars. Within days the tracks were being removed including the ties some of which are seen here piled next to the rail line at Oak Street and West Kent Avenue South.

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