Tower Beach

November 18th, 2019 — The second world war searchlight tower on Tower Beach at UBC.

Updated: November 18, 2019 — 7:42 pm

Seattle Breakers 1980

January 11th, 1980 — The assignment was to get bench shots of Seattle Breakers players during their game against the New Westminster Bruins in Queens Park Arena but for some reason the picture that ran in the paper is the one above showing #17 John Neeld being congratulated by Tim Hunter after scoring the winning goal in overtime. Neeld never made it to the NHL but Hunter did playing over 800 games in a 16 year career. The bench shots are below with only one, the first, identifiable as possibly John Neeld.

Updated: November 17, 2019 — 7:15 pm

River rafting

Circa 1986 — River rafting on the Thompson river downstream of Ashcroft.

Updated: November 10, 2019 — 9:56 pm

Queens cross

November 2nd, 2019 — Seventy year old Ian Parker on his way to a 9th place finish in the Men’s Master B class at this year’s Queens Cyclocross race at Queens Park in New Westmnster. More pictures from the race can be found HERE or by clicking on the above picture. It’s OK to share or download pictures from the cyclocross galleries.

Updated: November 5, 2019 — 5:27 pm