Miscellaneous Photographs

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Donkey Cross 2017

September 16th, 2017 — Donkey Cross, the first race of the 2017 Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition Series, was held at Port Coquitlam’s Castle Park and the conditions were hot and dusty. Jessy Hoffman on his way to 23rd place in the intermediate men’s class. More pictures from the race HERE or by clicking on the picture.

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits

Don Garlits Circa 1969 — The biggest name and easily the greatest drag racer of all time, Don Garlits also known as “Big Daddy”, stands next to his his AA fuel dragster “Swamp Rat” while examining the starting area of Edmonton Speedway before taking a practice run. He was touring Canada and the northern US with Jerry Ruth who he raced in a series of match races at any track that would pay them to show up. It was a way to make some extra money in between the big national races in the states. It’s not a great picture except for the details such as the beater pickup that was his push/tow truck and the fact he’s alone. I don’t remember him even having a mechanic with him at the track which would have been useful as, if I again remember correctly, Garlits blew up in the first race and had to rebuild the engine himself which he barely managed in time for the second round, which he lost.

Maureen McTeer

Maureen McTeer June 16th, 1976 — So just what was going here in this picture? Maureen McTeer was campaigning with her husband Joe Clark then leader of the Conservative Party of Canada at a Tory gathering in the VanDusen Gardens and this man seems to be almost assaulting her. It’s a disturbing picture in so many ways. It never ran in the paper — I don’t even think it was printed until yesterday when I noticed it while going through my archives — possibly it was just one of those pictures that was interesting but not true to the story, or maybe it was something simple like the man refusing to give his name. McTeer, however, wasn’t liked by Tories because she not only kept her name but also her career and maybe that’s what he was telling her.

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