Miscellaneous Photographs

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Politicians at the parade

February 18th, 2018 — Not sure if these two pictures are significant or not but at this year’s Chinese New Year parade out going Mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson seemed to attract far more people for selfies than did current BC premier John Horgan. It’s possible to read more into the pictures than is actually there but …

Dave Barrett

Circa 1974 — A few pictures from my archives of Dave Barrett, the first NDP premier of BC, who died Friday at age 87. The first are from an old boy’s rugby game at Brockton Oval. The others are from the inaugural run of the Royal Hudson steam locomotive from North Vancouver to Squamish.

Gayle Eddie

September 1974 — Gayle Eddie ran a coffee truck in North Vancouver which provided coffee and sandwiches to dock and shipyard workers and other small businesses. Gayle’s counting her take after a morning of stops along the the north shore near the grain elevators. This picture along with others appeared in the Vancouver Province with a story by Nicole Strickland.

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